CellYea! is a wellness brand committed to redefining cellular health and championing mental well-being. We offer innovative products like the Energizing Mix and Cellular Regeneration Daily Dose to boost your energy, focus, and overall cellular health. We also provide a community of support and tools to enhance your wellness journey, including activities like gratitude journaling and acts of kindness.

Our products are designed to provide a lasting, steady energy and boost mental focus. Our Cellular Regeneration Daily Dose is created to improve your long-term cellular health, support healthy aging, enhance mental flow, and boost overall energy. We focus not only on physical wellness but also mental wellness and believe in the power of positive self-perception and the content of our thoughts in defining our health.

Everyone can benefit from CellYea! products. Whether you're a professional athlete, a busy entrepreneur or someone juggling work, family, and personal health, our products and community tools can help you navigate life's challenges and thrive.

If you take both products in conjunction (as recommended), you may feel some benefits of products within hours.

The CellYea! Capsules for Cellular Regeneration provide immediate benefits, but if taken daily, as recommended, you can expect to feel a noticeable boost in energy, clarity, and quality of life after approximately 14 days. Full and complete benefits will set in after approximately 30 to 60 days.

The CellYea! Enhanced Energy Mix offers immediate results, both in terms of mental and physical performance. Unlike standard energy drinks, our formula also offers long term benefits and replaces energy drinks, offering immediate benefits.

We currently only fulfil United States mainland orders, however, we are working around the clock to provide worldwide shipping.

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CellYea! is led by Austin Homfeld, founder of Good Vibes Lab, and Jonas Bohr, a world record holder in cycling. Both Austin and Jonas bring their personal journeys of overcoming health challenges and their dedication to promoting mental and physical wellness to the mission of CellYea!

You can join the CellYea! community by following us on social media and participating in our wellness activities. We regularly share wellness tips, product information, inspiring stories, and more to help support you on your journey to be your best self.

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